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la selva10. la selva [ rec. 1997 ]

> rel. 1998 - V2_Archief, The Netherlands ()
>> res. 2001 - CD V2_Archief, The Netherlands ()
Francisco López "La Selva" (CD - V2_Archief, 1998)
Enter the heart of the sounding world with this incredibly varied and vivid release. López is interested in the act of "profound listening" to pure sound, without focus on its source or context. Thus for him the Costa Rican rainforest offers an opportunity for an intense immersion in multi-layered and multi-textured soundings quite unlike most rainforest discs. While it is structured as an unbroken day cycle, and can be heard as simply an extraordinary rainforest CD, López's quest for sonic immersion offers much more. He presents an unending stream of remarkable sonic moments, flowing together into a cohesive and transformative sonic journey, full of subtle relationships that are revealed upon deep, repeated listening. Forced Exposure (USA), 2004.