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belle confusion 96911. belle confusion 969 [ rec. 1996 ]

> rel. 1998 - CD Sonoris, France ()
Francisco López "Belle Confusion 969" (CD, Sonoris - France)
"His source material may be exclusively terrestrial, but the quality of sound that Francisco López distills from his recordings of tropical and subtropical rainforests is almost preternatural. The third in a series of similarly titled projects, Belle Confusion 969 stands out among López's works as a relatively "unpopulated" piece wherein environmental sounds captured on several continents are fashioned into fabric that reveals an anthropomorphized Earth in its details. Against an unquiet background of geophysical rumbles, ringing drones, meteorological activity, and piercing insect noise, the 51-minute piece surveys the craggy, weather worn surfaces of exposed rock formations, traces eroded ground-forms, and plumbs the inky bowels of natural pools and abysses. López's triumph is his ability to invest what might have been a detached anatomical study of faceless artificial landscape with suspense, dramatic depth, and remarkably expressive musical character." (DUTCH EAST INDIA)

Francisco López "Belle Confusion 969" (CD, Sonoris - France)
Well I always considered our planet as only real noise universe. Francisco López is working in the field of environmental music since early 80s, and his works are ranging from shear radical anti-structural noise of various small life forms to ultra minimal broad-band noise often reduced to silence. "Belle Confusion 969" was recorded at various locations like forests of Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela and Costa Rica and featuring one long track of evolving noisescapes. Extreme amplitudes followed by extreme velocities, sounds dissolving and gathering together like worms.www.chat.ru/~svalemor/l_.htm#3