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untitled (1993)13. untitled (1993) [ rec. 1996 ]

> rel. 1999 - CD Staalplaat, The Netherlands ()
Francisco López "untitled (1993)" (CD - Staalplaat, 1999)
Drone material, processing of sounds from the rainforest and other environmental recordings. Starts on track 6 to pick up where his last Staalplaat CD left off. in silk-screened slimline case.
Five excerpts from his U.S. concert tour of 1993, where in each city he collaborated with local artists including Michael Gendreau (Crawling With Tarts), Zan Hoffman, John Hudak, Gen Ken Montgomery, Michael Northam, and Steve Peters. Staalplaat press release (The Netherlands, 1999)

Francisco López "untitled (1993)" (CD - Staalplaat, 1999)
Some time back, AQ prankster Andee thought it funny to put a empty jewel case out on the shelves with a tag stating that the audio content was so minimal that it didn't even exist. Little did we know that this high art/bad joke concept was paralleled by the very first Reynols record -- which was a 'dematerialized' cd. With that lengthy precursor, we are happy to say that this Francisco López record is NOT another in the continuum of sub-audible recordings. Rather "Untitled (1993)" is a collection of live collaborations between López and a handful of guests (John Hudak, Michael Gendreau, Michale Northam, Gen Ken Montgomery, Steve Peters, and Zan Hoffmann). López manages to corral all of the diverse aesthetics of these artists into the more audible spectrum of his own sound of lengthy environmental drones. Like all of the records you actually can hear by López, "Untitled (1993)" is pretty fantastic. Aquarius Records website (USA, 2003)