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untitled #9116. untitled #91 [ rec. 1999 ]

> rel. 1999 - CD Edition..., USA ()
Francisco López "Untitled #91" (CD, Edition... - USA)
"Senor López' work belongs to the most radical I heard in some time. Especially "untitled #91" is a strange work - well, maybe a usual work for López. It's almost an hour long and hoovers like a thunderous storm. It starts out by gaps of silence and then the storm, silence, storm. Slowly a drone is added. Slowly the storm passes and the drone remains. Every chance to be found takes his own time - very slow (almost as time doesn't exist). López probaly wants to you to fiddle around with your bass and treble buttons, because everything is at his usual low volume. This is ambient music for sure - if fills your space without being present all the time. (VITAL)