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> rel. 2001 - CD Ignis, Poland ()
Francisco López "Untitled (2000)" (CD - Ignis, 2001)
Musique concrete in its purest form. However it's impossible to find any recognisable sounds here. For López does not keep archives of found-sounds, he's not a documentalist. On the contrary he explores sound into depths searching for its simplest, basic principle. Manipulating found sounds he creates minimal, static structures build of noises from the threshold of audibility. Seemingly cool and abstract this music is saturated with emotions and passion of searching for the primordial sound reality. It's archaeology, anatomy and alchemy of sound in one. Soleilmoon (USA, 2002)

Francisco López "Untitled (2000)" (CD - Ignis, 2001)
When I hear the name Francisco López, I expect noise ranging from near-silence to seismic blasts... my expectations are confirmed with the first track when, after a few seconds of nothingness, untitled #107 suddenly plops into earshot, drone-sizzling, like a long-sputtering matchhead at microscopic closeness; the forceful smoldering suddenly abates, leaving behind only a faint audio-aroma. That absence of sound (I mean Bona Fide Silence) seeps into the next track, untitled #100, and right through it in fact, into untitled #101 , where video-game-voiced insects and birds chitter and blip into a steadily seething sea/ breeze. www.ambientrance.org (USA, July 2002)