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klr27. klr [ rec. 2000 ]

> rel. 2001 - CD Arms, Japan ()
Francisco López, Zbigniew Karkowski < Pita "klr" (CD - ar.ms, 2001)
Three pieces culled from the phonoTAKTIK_99 festival and now wrapped in a very unassuming white card sleeve with a small centre cut. White noise cases the contents of the disc as well, which commence with Pita's "020599.rz," snow-shovelling huge drifts over nearly-obliterated terrain scapes, the subtle formations almost obscured were it not for his fine wrist-work, revealing odd gaps in the white sound field. Six minutes into the piece, he goes in for some channel-surfing and beat-blasting, the chores left unfinished.

Francisco López does some tube-gazing as well, but he sticks to the familiar stations that are all snow and slowly cranks it up so that the patterns and shapes of it can be more readily evident in the wide static spectrum that really gets to a blistering degree of intensity from the inside-out.

Zbigniew Karkowski's "Petrified by the Sum of Ourselves" takes us back outside, where now the insects have come out in invisible corps, piercing the frozen ear beyond the breath clouds, shattering little crystals with every step and shivering frequency, and then blowing them clear through the ear and out the back of the skull in increasing gales and swarms. Winter brain-cleaning is adequately accomplished by Karkowski. www.incursion.org (2002)