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qalat3. Qal'at Abd'al-Salam / O parladoiro desamortuxado [ rec. 1993-1995 ]

> rel. 1995 - CD Linea Alternativa, Spain
Francisco López "Qal'at Abd'al-Salam / O parladoiro desamortuxado" (CD - Linea Alternativa, 1995)
Francisco López's monumental catalogue of field recordings, ultra minimalism, and Zen-like barely modulating pure tone recordings is a daunting one to step into. This cd collects two distinct bodies of López' work with "Qal'at Abd'Al-Salam" (a loosely connected collection of field recordings of public spaces) and "O Parladoiro Desamortuxado" (fragments of highly textured noise pieces set against ultra quiet passages). Aquarius Records (USA), 2004