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nowhere56. nowhere [ rec. 1983-2003 ]

> rel. 2008 - 10-CD box Blossoming Noise, USA (website)
Francisco López - "nowhere" (10-CD box Blossoming Noise, USA 2008)
Spanish Sound Artist Francisco López is offering a first summary of his activities in the field of "absolute concrète music" with the publication of luxurious box set "nowhere - short pieces 1983 to 2003". Out on Blossoming Noise Records, the collection takes listeners all the way back to the first days, when López was still far from becoming famous for a mushrooming discography and a sonic vision of the most extreme kind. In fact, "nowhere - short pieces" even warps its audience back to a time when López wasn't as yet releasing at all and still working on formulating his approach and infusing it with an unmistakable spirit - first albums started making their appearance on the tape market at the end of the 80s and his career only really got into gear with the advent of the CD-R scene some years later. Billed by Blossoming Noise as "the centerpiece to this artists catalog", the box set indeed looks set to turn into a definitive statement for friends and foes alike - at least until the forever-active Field Recorder returns with a second installment. www.tokafi.com (December 2008)