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nowhere60. in de blaauwe hand [ rec. 2008-09 ]

> rel. 2009 – CD Extrapool / Korm Plastics, The Netherlands (www.extrapool.nl / www.kormplastics.nl)
Francisco López & Richard Francis – "in the blaauwe hand" (CD Korm Plastics, The Netherlands 2009)
Francisco López (Spain) and Richard Francis (New Zealand) have created "in de blaauwe hand" upon invitation from Extrapool for a brief working residency in Nijmegen, to develop a collaboration piece for the Brombron CD series. Working with very small seed source sound samples that were exchanged between them, two intermingling compositional paths unfolded in two parallel small studios. In a short but very intense- period of time a whole world of very delicate and subtle materials arose. The whole piece (a single one-hour track) merges without mix a dreamy geography of subtleties and complex organicities that is more the result of aesthetic affinities than pre-structured plan. In that sense, this is a composition born from the sound themselves, following the paths indicated by them. And a surprising one. Korm Plastics label release (The Netherlands), September 2009.