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untitled #747. untitled #74 [ rec. 1997 ]

> rel. 1997 - CD Table of the Elements, USA
>> res. 2003 - CD Authorised Version, UK ()
Francisco López "untitled #74" (CD - Authorised Version, 2003)
'Untitled 74' is a classic López work. Opening up with minutes and minutes of silence, it reaches it's first peak at twelve minutes. But be warned this is a relatively soft peak and the piece turns into a loud beast, towards the thirty-seven minute range. If you cranked your volume level way up for the first bit, then this section will be speaker crashing one. Ranging from way way below the threshold of hearing to a solid zero db at that point: this is what makes this López CD such a classic disc. I'd be one of the last persons to say that one needs all López CD's. But if you want a good reference to his 'silent' pieces, I'd say this is one to have... Vital Weekly (The Netherlands), 2004

Francisco López "untitled #74" (CD - Authorised Version, 2003)
In reflecting silence, anti-music, soundspace and the disappearance of sound, Madrid composer Francisco López pushes his work further than anyone else in the realm of electronic music. Untitled 74 is his most forceful step yet towards a music of absolutes; an uncompromising, unique work featuring an immense perceptual range that will challenge even the most experienced listener." The most minimalist TOTE packaging yet: clear slimline jewelcase, plain aluminum disc, and a clear acetate insert giving only the artist & title for information. Forced Exposure (USA), 2004