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untitled #1157. untitled #115 [ rec. 2001 ]

> rel. 2002 - 7" edition..., USA ()
Francisco López "Untitled #115" (7" - edition... , 2002)
I proposed releasing a single to Francisco and by March of 2001 I had a digital master in hand. A curious collection of sounds this, compared at least to the great sheets of intense resonating drone that stretched out over his previous single piece 7" releases. There was a rumble, yes, distant in the crystal clear silence, but also imbued with the odd crackle of what seemed to be a vinyl phonograph surface. Upon receipt of the test pressings, a different sort of experience unfolded altogether. The crackling, sometimes unfolding in real time now extends the sound field into a 3 dimensional space of near and far while the pristine rumble has become vague, almost elusive - a sea of irridescent unicellular organisms floating . . . wayward, observed from atop a quay overlooking the great undulating vastness . . . and then, nothing. A fabulous piece that allows full realization in its format. edition... press release (USA, 2002)