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untitled #911. untitled #91 [ rec. 1999 ] [ film 2001 ]

> rel. 2002 - DVD edition..., USA ()
Jorge Simonet & Francisco López "untitled #91" (DVD - edition..., 2002)
Reissue of the López sound piece from 1999 - a masterfully crafted journey to the threshold of audiability. This new DVD version contains a new film by Jorge Simonet which is based on the original sound work. Equally stunning in its extremely subtle presentation, the film is an abstract immersive and sonic experience challenging the limits of perception. A landmark in minimal art and sound, matched with a white digipak, white disc surface,and sparse light gray text. If not the most minimal film in history, this is certainly the most minimal music video ever! Francisco López is known the world over for his work which spans field recordings, ambient textures and extreme minimalism and has releases on numerous US, European, Japanese, and Australian labels. Jorge Simonet has collaborated previously with Francisco López on "Untitled (1998)," which featured time-lapse sky photography. Other films of his include Sabor de la comida de lata, El (1997) Trailer (1997), Chasco (1994), Sobre la tierra (1994). Both artists are based in Madrid. 60 minutes, NTSC region-free DVD. Soleilmoon Records mailorder catalog (USA, October 2002)
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